About InSearchIP Corporation

We are InSearchIP Corp., striving to provide the most cutting-edge technology to assist professionals worldwide working smarter and faster, with our data-technological innovation in the intellectual property field.
As the development of technology and global business going stronger and faster nowadays, IP plays an extremely critical role in almost every single business deal. With this train of thought, InSearchIP team developed “ExPER” tool software to bring users much more efficiency and convenience to their patent reading experience.


We cooperate with top patent specialists to understand the requirement of all patent practitioners. Our IP software are developed by applying world’s most advanced IT technology for generating speedy, effective and friendly software for all users.

Diverse novel IP software products of InSearchIP® Corporation will effectively enhance performance of IP reading. In addition to the present ExPer Tool, other pieces of novel IP software will soon be presented in the market in the near future.

Our Philosophy

Always be the first and the best to help.

Be the first and the best


We chase for “Time saving oriented operation”.


We chase for “Easy to use operation`` for professionals worldwide.


We chase for “World-Leading Prompt”


We chase for “All-Time Accuracy”.

Our Team


  Web Experience Development 

Our Professional Software Group employs the most-advanced technology to provide world class software.


  Intellectual Property Research

Our Professional Intellectual Property Group is search of solutions to meet the needs in the Intellectual Property field.

Our Vision


Short-Term Targets

Harvesting on Claim dismantling, cross-reference of specification, word explanation of patent analysis and language translation, based on the USPTO patent database.


Immediate Targets

Extending database further to EPO, TIPO, JPO, KPO, CIPO, DPMA, IPO, INPI , APO and WIPO patent databases.

Exploring trademark analysis system based on trademark database of USA, EP, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China, Germany, UK, France, Australia, New Zealand and WIPO.

Exploring patent translating system based on databases of USPTO, EPO, TIPO, JPO, KPO, CIPO, DPMA, IPO, INPI, APO and WIPO.


Long-Term Targets

Building other database in addition to the patent and trademark databases in order to apply big data techniques to other technical fields.

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