Technology Investigation

Definition of Technology Investigation

Through processes of analysis and comparison in terms of technology vs. technology, technology vs. product, and product vs. product, the preliminary search keywords of the technical survey are conclude to obtain the preliminary technologies, and thereafter processes of deduction, correction, and induction for search keywords are continued to obtain the desired technologies , In all of the process, patent reading is necessary. Technology survey may include: general survey, regular survey, etc.

Key for Technology Investigation

Detailed reading, finding of survey keywords, survey keyword suggestions, logical dedectioninferences, experience orientation.


ExPER all-round reading tool by InSearchIP Corp., is designed for purpose of “Easy Reading & All-Round Extensions”, from which ExPER provides most dedicated technology/function matrix table whose technology items and function items are more accurate. Thus,users are ensured to be with most powerful IP data to extend to the continuous works such as patent analysis and project management.

Efficacy of ExPER tool

1. As patent reading becomes easier, faster, more efficient and precise, the patents filtered by users are with better accuracy and reliability. Accordingly, the technology/function matrix table are more accurate and reliable too. Users could further explore their technological experience. The developing results could be more reliable.

2. The lengthy and tedious technological developing process could turn to be clear and precise at once.