Design Around For Technology

Definition of Design Around for Technology

A process of performing technology analysis in terms of  technology vs. technology and technology vs. merchandise to find substantial difference therebetween.

Corporations are forced time to time to confront technology designing around during the technology and merchandise development. The corporations analyze any third parties’ products to evaluate whether their product is worthy of being continuously developed or their product is evitable for patent authorization from the third party. If the evaluation conclusion suggests for continuously development, the process of designing around for technology would be necessary.

Key for Design Around for Technology

Detailed reading, logical deduction, experience oriented


ExPER all-round reading tool by InSearchIP Corp., is designed for purpose of “Easy Reading”, from which ExPER provides most comfortable experience for cross-reference of specification and drawings. The detailed patent analysis becomes easier. Thus, users are ensured to analysis IP better.

Efficacy of ExPER tool

1. As patent reading becomes easier, faster, more efficient and precise, the patents filtered by users are with better accuracy and reliability. Accordingly, the technology/function matrix table are more accurate and reliable too. Users could further explore their technological experience. The developing results could be more reliable.

2. The lengthy and tedious technological developing process could turn to be clear and precise at once.