Patent Analysis

Definition of Patent Analysis

Compare the characteristics of the patents/products against the prior art, and search with this feature to obtain a large number of previous patents to read these prior patents to decide whether to adjust the keywords or determine whether the prior art is the target patent. From this, the expected number of subject patents is obtained, and the subject patents are used as the analysis object to analyze the analysis items such as year, technology, efficacy, Freedom-To-Operate (FTO), and life cycle, etc.

Key For Patent Analysis

Accurate comparison, patent project experience, logical judgment, reading and comprehension ability.

The “excellent reading tool” can greatly reduce the possibility of misjudgment by the performer. However, at present, the search content of major firms, patent software companies and even patent analysis companies does not use “reading comprehension content” as the main method, but only extracts the surface information such as bibliographic text. Whether the correction of analysis result goes without a doubt.


*Concise and easy to read interface
*Interface for quick cross-reference between graphics and text.
*Excellent AI derives element nouns and numbers
*Smart selection of suggested keywords

Efficacy of ExPER tool

The reading speed is increased by 3~5 times (the feedback from the survey of hundreds of users), the efficiency is improved, and the reading is easier and more accurate.
The subject patent judged by the reading is the valuable analysis object.
You can add annotations personally, and you can set up, edit, and access your own projects, and you can also share them with designated team members.
One-click analysis can be performed for any existing project, and accurate statistical information and analysis reports of all management aspects including country, quantity, citation, comparison, trend, etc. can be obtained within a few seconds.

Relevant Patent Analysis Increase Your Value

Method 1 : Let InSearchIP carry out your complete and detailed patent search analysis report
Method 2 : Let ExPER tool assist you in efficient patent analysis work

1. Online Searching and Filtering -> 2. Comprehensive Reading -> 3. Inductive analyzing.
This is often a trilogy when we work on important patent cases.
Regardless of our market development strategy layout, research on patent rebuttal defenses, or even the threat of infringement litigation, we must always spend a long time searching, reading, referencing, comparing, screening, arranging, and collecting items one by one in all databases. Recording, calculating, formulating strategies, writing, etc., can further make the analysis and evaluation you want from these data. Now, these nightmares are all terminated by InSearchIP team and ExPER tool (!

In ExPER, we have successfully integrated patent search engine, monitoring alert, related suggestion robot, quick reading interface, data statistics table, analysis report, etc., which would automatically filter out the most relevant patents which are worth spending few minutes to read or remark in detail, according to the conditions you specify. Practically speaking, they may be launched as:

Claims Structure Analysis :
The overall structure analyzes the key points of claims in each case, and quickly clarifies important key patents and unimportant useless patents.

Amount/Value Analysis :
Based on a detailed comparative analysis of the number of patents held by different objects under various conditions, as well as in-depth commercial value/influence/forward-looking, etc.

Cross-Reference Analysis :
Cross-analysis compares the relevance and differences between various technologies, especially the comparison between numerous component nouns and illustrations at the same time.

Related Keyword Suggestion :
From the overall concept to the relevance search analysis of each word, it can also clearly reflect the value and difference between different patented technologies from the strength and time point of the citations of all parties.

Competitor Analysis/Monitoring :
Analyze the patent owners, inventors and competitors that you specify or must follow, and continue to track them regularly to provide you with first-hand dynamic reports.

Prior Art Analysis :
Analyze more facts and key points related to specific technologies.

Country Competing Capability Analysis :
Analyze the competitiveness of a specific country or a specific market in a specific field to facilitate the evaluation and formulation of strategies for entering different markets.

Industrial Trend Analysis :
Analyze the development trend of a specific industry or technology so that your layout is always a big step ahead of others.

You can easily set and specify the projects you want at any time, analyze the patents you want to collect, and automatically generate the insight reports you need with one click within a few seconds, saving you a lot of hired law firms and patent attorneys Cost and time! No matter where you are and when you want to see it, you can always use the exclusive customized service provided by ExPER online, which is very convenient. Try it for free now!

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