Patent Discussion

Definition of Patent Discussion

Targeting patents vs. patents, patents vs. products and, products vs. products; conducting analysis result of various features, techniques, effects; facilitating smooth discussion, negotiations, suggestions between R & D industries, analysis executives, offices, patent consultants, cooperative manufacturers, between various departments within R & D industries, between various departments within analysis executives, between various departments within offices, between various departments within patent consultants, between various departments within cooperative manufacturers. And in conjunction with the aforementioned convenient data transmission, the patentability of a business entity can be maximized.

Key for Patent Discussion

Detailed reading, logical inference, experience orientation, convenient data transmission, smooth communication.


The ExPER tool by InSearchIP proceeds the goal of “assisting reading” and provides the most meaningful analysis conclusion of features, techniques and effects, so that customers can come up with the most understandable suggestion content.

Efficacy of ExPER tool

1. As reading and data transmission becomes easier, more effective, more correct and more relaxed, the patent communication between various departments is simplified, more accurate and reliable. The patentability of a business entity can be maximized.

2. Eliminating the misunderstanding of patent opinions across departments.