Patent Management

Definition of Patent Management

File and manage search results, analysis results, identification results, avoidance design results, discussion results, communication results, comparison results, investigation results, and statistical reports in the system to avoid unnecessary external data transmission, improve the transmission convenience, data security and management convenience.

Key For Patent Management

Smooth management interface, complete data rebuild, time evolution memory responsiveness.


The InSearchIP Technology ExPER comprehensive reading aid system , continuing the goal of “helping reading”, providing:

1. Humanized readable interface (to improve reading efficiency, participants can have overall control)

2. The most reasonable key placement (simplify the complicated operation process, provide visualized operation experience)

3. The most concise logical process (considering the needs of the operator in detail, reducing the repetitive process)

4. Data transmit is safe and reliable. (transmit data with relief, enjoy convenience without fear of data leakage)

Efficacy of ExPER tool

Data transmit become smoothly between consultants and cooperating vendors, between various departments within the R&D industry, between various departments within the executor, between various departments within the firm, between various departments within the patent consultant, and between various departments within the cooperating manufacturer, and achieve the goal of zero misunderstanding and full cooperation. It is no longer necessary to use additional devices such as flash drives, File Servers, and cloud drives to transmit patent data.