Technology Discussion

Definition of Technology Discussion

A process of taking technology vs. technology, technology vs. product, and product vs. product as comparing objects to obtain an analysis conclusion in terms of characteristic features, technology and effect. The conclusion could be well communicated, discussed, suggested among R&D companies, analysis administrator, firms, technical consultants, cooperative manufacturers and subunits of R&D company. Accordingly, The business outfit will have most powerful IP capability.

Key for Technology Discussion

Detailed reading, logical deduction, experience oriented, convenient data transfer, free & smooth communication


ExPER all-round reading tool by InSearchIP Corp., is designed for purpose of “Easy Reading”, from which ExPER provides meaningful analysis conclusion in terms of characteristic features, technologies and functions. Users could get the most clear and easy-understanding essentials.

Efficacy of ExPER tool

1. Due to reading and data transfer become easier, more effective, more correct and more relaxed, patent communication between/among various departments is not only simplified, but also more accurate and reliable. Patent ability of the business entity is maximized.

2. Eliminate the misunderstanding of patent opinions across different departments.