Prior Issue

Definition of Prior Issue

Obtain the preliminary search keywords and the target patents through the analysis and comparison of patents vs patents and patents vs products, and continue to deduce, modify, and summarize keywords to obtain the subject patent. In the process, you need to read from the derived subject patent.

Key for Prior Issue

Detailed reading and comparison, keywords acquirement, keyword suggestion, logical inference and experience orientation.


The ExPER tool by InSearchIP comprehensive reading aid system , continuing the goal of “assisting reading”, providing the most detailed graphic and text display, which is relatively easy to read the detail, can draw keywords and the target patent correctly, perfect satisfaction is guaranteed to our customers.

Efficacy of ExPER tool

  1. As reading becomes easy, effective, correct, and relaxed, the experience of the performer can be more easily displayed, and the result is more objective.

  2. The lengthy and tedious analysis process becomes clear at once.