Patent Map

Definition of Patent Map

Similar to the patent analysis, the prior arts are compared to obtain features of the patent/the commodity. The features are used to search to obtain massive previous patents. The massive previous patents are read to determine whether to adjust the keywords or determine whether the previous patents are the target patents. Therefore, the expected numbers of target patents are obtained, and the target patents are regarded as the analysis objects to analyze according to the analysis items including years, techniques, effects, freedom to operate (FTO), life cycles. With respect to the patent analysis, the patent map uses more figures and charts to display the analysis contents.

Key for Patent Map

In the precise comparison, it depends on the operator’s knowledge, experience, logic judgment, reading ability. However, “an excellent reading tool” can reduce the possibility of misjudgment made by the operator. At present, regardless of the searching content of big firms, patent software companies or even patent analysis companies, they do not take “comprehension of reading content “ as the main means, but merely to extract superficial information, such as bibliographic texts. It is doubtful whether the target patent and the analysis result obtained in such a manner are correct.


The ExPER tool by InSearchIP provides:

  1. An interface that is clear and easy to be read;

  2. An interface for quick cross-reference in figures and texts;

  3. An excellent AI to obtain element noun/element number;

  4. Suggestive keywords which is smart selected.

Efficacy of ExPER tool

1. The reading speed increases 2 times, the efficiency is increased, reading is more relaxed and more correct.

2. The target patent of readout is the valuable analysis object

2. In conjunction with the provision of the investigating keywords suggestion, the deduction, correction and induction of the keywords become more