• Released in June 2021

Japan Patents (JPO) In Fast-Precise Reading Coming Soon!

(1) Japan (JPO) patent database and exclusive related services now have entered the final stage of testing. Please stay tune and you’ll meet them all very soon!

(2) The sharing and delivery function in “Project Management” has been expanded and upgraded. Group organizations or cross-school / cross-division / cross-company teams are most benefited.

(3) All statistics and analyzing content in “Analysis Report” can be directly exported as an readable file, and it would be much convenient for users to edit or display by themselves!

  • Released in February 2021

China Patents (CN) With Exclusive Services Now Online!

(1) China (CN/CNIPA) patent database and related convenient services have been officially launched. Welcome to experience unprecedented Chinese patent reading online!

(2) Many functions around the search result list, such as sorting method, project storage, output & download, etc., have been fully updated and upgraded. Welcome to experience.

(3) The default capacity of the folder in “Project Management” has been expanded, and many functions such as omitting duplicate patents, sharing and delivery with group members, have been updated and upgraded.

  • Released in December 2020

Technology/Effect Matrix and Batch Search by P.N. Launched!

(1) The “Technical Efficacy Matrix Chart” function and service have been officially launched online after being served, tested and praised by our clients offline.

(2) The batch search by (inputting plenty of) patent number has been fully tested and now open for all ExPER users. You may easily import Excel files or text strings directly into the search field to get results!

(3) China (CN) patent database and related services will be officially launched very soon, let’s stay tuned!

  • Released in September 2020

Mass/Group Account Management and Other Co-Working Services

(1) The multi-person/multi-account/group-account management, and the data transfering/annotation/sharing functions have been officially launched, now welcome to experience and check them out!

(2) High user-flow  (10,000+ people online at the same time) shared account is now officially open for group clients, for example : schools, large enterprises, academic/research institutions.

(3) Welcome to subscribe to the InSearchIP Youtube channel with the latest patent topics and technical knowledge! (Click here to open InSearchIP Youtube channel)

(4) China (CN) patent database and its reading-assisting services enters the second stage of testing.

  • Released in May 2020

Patent Analysis/Monitor Report Now Open For Corporate Clients!

(1) Thanks to researchers in “Industrial Technology Research Institute” (ITRI, Taiwan) take ExPER as an assistant in patent searching, reading and analysis.

(2) Patent analysis/search report service has been officially launched toward corporate clients.

(3) “Patent Monitor” service for designated patents/technologies/competitors/countries has been widely praised and affirmed by our corporate clients, now it’s officially also been launched online!

(4) China’s (CN) patent database has been updated and kept uploading recently.

  • Released in February 2020

Unparalleled Chinese Patent Reading Service Now Online!

(1)  Our works in Chinese patents such as semantic analysis, element nouns disassembly, link-to-drawing, rearrangement and display, etc., have been all completed, now go launching by phase.

(2)  New Business Service – API Construction service for corporation’s Internal Platform  (Contact Us)

(3)  Taiwan (TIPO) & China (CNIPA) Patent Office Database Adding Up!

(4)  European Patent Office (EPO) Database Added Up

(5)  Switchable Claim-Visual Reading Format : Pro/Concise Version Enabled

  • Released in October 2019

Patent Monitoring Service Now Launching For Subscribers!

(1)  New Launching – Patent Monitoring Service On Your Call!  (Subscriber Only)

(2)  New Business Service – API Construction Service For Corporation’s Internal Platform  (Contact Us)

(3)  Taiwan (TW) and China (CN) Patent Database Keep Adding Up

(4)  European (EPO) Patent Database Keep Adding Up

(5)  Switchable Claim-Visual Reading Format : Pro/Concise Version Enabled

  • Released in July 2019

European Patent Office (EPO) Database Added Up!

  (1)  European Patent Office (EPO) Database Added Up

  (2)  Switchable Claim-Visual Reading Format : Pro version / Concise Version Enabled

  (3)  New Guidance Introduction & Video Launched

  (4)  “Analysis Report” providing details increased and speed up (Subscriber Only)

  (5)  Patent professional worldwide examining volunteer recruiting.

  • Released in May 2019

“Multi-Language Full Claim Translation” Button Enabled!

  (1)  “Multi-Language Full Claim Translation” Button Enabled

  (2)  New video “Qualcomm vs Apple Litigation USPTO Patents Fast Reading” launched

– on Youtube Channel (InSearchIP Corporation) / Facebook (ExPER) / LinkedIn (InSearchIP)

  (3)  New video “USPTO Patent Similar to Infinite Gauntlet in Avengers Checkup!”

– on Youtube Channel (InSearchIP Corporation) / Facebook (ExPER) / LinkedIn (InSearchIP)

  (4)  “Searching Keyword Suggestion” move speed up !  (Subscriber Only)

  (5)  Patent professional worldwide examining volunteer recruiting.

  (6)  European Patent Office (EPO) database uploading.

  • Released in April 2019

“Searching Keyword Suggestion” Service Launched!

  (1)  “Searching Keyword Suggestion” service featured !  (Subscriber Only)

  (2)  Multi-Language Translating function upgraded.

  (3)  Patent professional worldwide examining volunteer recruiting.

  (4) European Patent Office (EPO) database uploading.

  • Released in March 2019

“Analyze Report” Service Launched!

  (1)  Superior service “Analyze Report” launched !  (Subscriber Only)

  (2)  Warm-up test on “Multi-Language Translation” service proceeding.

  (3) European Patent Office (EPO) database setting up.

  • Released in February 2019

More Details, Corrections and Speedup Checked!

  (1) More detail analysis on single word and phrase collected.

  (2) Accuracy of auto-editing increased.

  (3) Corrections on false/complex description/grammar in original text.

  (4) Faster speed of online auto-typesetting.

  • Released in January 2019

Advantages of ExPER Tool For Professionals

For patent attorneys, patent lawyers, patent managers, patent engineers and related staff:

  (1) Check prior art before application.

  (2) Read citations rapidly and comprehend claims accurately with ease.

  (3) Learn the writing of U.S. patent projects.

  (4) Review your own patent accurately and find its deficiency quickly.

  (5) Examine competitors’ patents much more properly and discover flaws of their patents promptly.

  (6) It’s much easier to read patents. The R&D engineers, managers of companies, supervisors of companies (even a related financial staff ) can comprehend patent claims easily.