Patent Development

Definition of Patent Development

Targeting patents vs. patents, patents vs. commodities and, commodities vs. commodities; conducting the process of deriving the technical efficiency of its technical features, intuitively obtaining development suggestions for potential technologies by way of using comparison table.

Key to Patent Development

Detailed reading, logical inference, experience orientation, precise technology-function matrix


The ExPER tool by InSearchIP proceeds the goal of “assisting reading” and provides the most detailed technology-function matrix which makes the technical name and the functional name are obtained accurately. In such a way, it is the most safeguarded for customers.

Efficacy of ExPER tool

1. As reading becomes easier, more effective, more correct and more relaxed, the accuracy of the patent searching is more reliable, the comparison of technology/function further provided is more accurate, the experience and feelings of the executives can be more easily developed, and the results are more objective.

2. The lengthy and tedious assessment process becomes clear and definite at once.